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New Blog Website


I’ve migrated my blog to a domain I own Write From Here for a few reasons. First, I want to have a document of this journey, when Bob got sick and after he was gone. My goal is to publish a book to help others understand the grief process, the sense of profound loss. Some day you will feel it too, or perhaps you already have and it helps you to know that someone else understands. Maybe you know someone who is grappling with a huge loss in their life and don’t know how to approach them. I hope this blog will help you understand and give you some guidance.

I also want to keep my writing and keep writing. The new website gives this portion of my life a sense of permanence, allowing me to share my experiences and keep it as a journal to revisit.

As I writer I feel an innate need to write out my feelings and I don’t get a sense of relief unless I put it out for other eyes to see. I know that’s different than how most people feel about their personal experiences, but the writing has helped me heal and I get the sense that it’s helping other people too. I hear this often, even though it’s over two years since Bob died. People still read these posts and say the writing is genuine and they “get it” because they can relate it to their life.

When I share my innermost feelings for anyone to read, it’s important to me to know that others are connecting. All of this, the act of writing and your comments, have  helped me through the most difficult times.

For those who have been following this blog thank you. To those of you who are new, thank you too. I appreciate that you take the time to read my entries and comment on them.

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

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