Come so far

Suzanne Boles

11 hrs · 

I’m on Option B support group: Coping with grief FB . This is one topic I hear over and over again so I posted my response. Now I realize how far I’ve come, and responses have been positive saying I’ve given people hope, especially the newly grieving. 

“I hear a lot of people sharing about the demise of relationships after the death of a loved one. I can totally relate. I had similar issues. I felt so alone. At times I was very angry at others. And I was angry at life for taking away the man I loved.

After six years, I’m finally rebuilding my life and remembering my past life with love, but not in a torturous way. I live each day with no expectations, and then anything that happens is usually something wonderful and unexpected.

My struggle was complicated by mental health issues so six years may seem like a long time, but for others it only takes two or three years.

I post this just to tell you that it does get better. You gently move into that new normal life and realize that you are doing things you never expected and probably would have never done with the love of your life, and you are grateful to them for giving you the second chance.

I will never stop loving my husband but I carry around so much less baggage and anger and feel much lighter for it. Every day you are closer to healing, as best you can. 

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